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360 degrees. A women from the inside and out. From start to finish. Head to toes, mind to heart, heart to soul. Lit through scalloped emerald green dresses and heels of hierarchy. Welcome to a blog that talks about young women and their every degree.

The 360 Woman blog was an idea I'd long had in my mind, but never followed up on. In high school, I'd scroll through all sorts of fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogs. Always exiting out of their page filled with inspiration, I told myself I'd one day start a blog too. Well, here I am!

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I'm a college student majoring in Journalism up in the scenic west coast. I aspire to work for a highly reputable fashion magazine as a fashion editor (any type of editor, really). I'm passionate about all I choose to do, never daring to give less than 150 percent of myself to my goals, dreams, and desires. My biggest fear is living a mundane, mediocre life. I've received a beautiful gift, and at it's end, I would like to be confident that I have used up all the talent, love, and life I have been given by God. This blog was created for me to share my passions and present my thoughts and ideas to women around the world. I'd like to not only embrace the power of magnificent clothes and their genius designers, but open you up to many of life's other beauties.

Thank you for being apart of 360 Woman!

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