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Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Until I was 14, I never dared to touch workout equipment or a ball. I never found myself sweating for the purpose of exercise. You see, P.E was my least favorite class. I mean, I can't throw anything farther than ten yards and have zero coordination. Running? Ick. I was miserable each time I did it. Although I was skinny and almost too energetic, working out just wasn't my cup of tea.

That all changed when I was shoved into the world of swimming. Yes, shoved. The story is a long one, but it basically goes something like this: My mom had a friend who was the swim coach at my high school. Because my brother was a polo player in high school, my parents were absolutely convinced that I should swim. Anyways, somehow this coach met me and told me I wouldn't regret joining. My mom didn't go a day without telling me to sign up. To just "give it a shot." Let me tell you though, It was the last thing I wanted to do. I knew very well that I had no athletic ability and was 99 percent positive that I would hate swimming.

I turns out I was 99 percent wrong. I didn't know how to swim, but that first day of swim practice changed my life in the most unpredictable way. How it did I will leave for another post, because that story deserves it's own post, if not it's own book. If you want to know more about the physical benefits of swimming (just a little personal swimming plug, if you don't mind), watch this:

What I'm trying to say is that physical activity can seem like the most undesirable, uncomfortable way to spend your time. Even the thought of spending 15 minutes doing push-ups, squats and sit up's can torture our minds.  It's not easy.

But just that alone makes exercising and fitness what it is. Taking your body to places you haven't been is not comfortable, but it is rewarding. I genuinely believe that those who do not make time to exercise are making time to be unhealthy. Most of all, I have grown to believe that without fitness in your life, you are not fully living.

Roll your eyes and take it how you'd like, but you can't understand the physical and mental benefits of exercise until you do it yourself. You want to lose weight? Exercise will do that for you. Feel like you're out of shape? Exercise will put you in shape. Want more out of life? Exercise will make you feel alive.

It's different for everyone, of course. Not all of us enjoy soccer balls or volleyball nets, or even paved roads  below our running shoes. Trust me, out of the hundreds of different options, there will be at least one physical activity you feel good doing. It's a matter of you breaking free from your regular routine and trying out the activities that make you feel unsure. 

I urge you to work-out. Make your body stronger, and you'll make your mind tougher. Society paints exercise to be so much about dropping weight and achieving a dream bikini body, that we shove aside the real power of exercise. The happiness you can find through pushing your body to its limits is surprising and honestly indescribable. Like I said before, I could write a novel about what the simple act of fitness in my life has done for me. Here is a summary:

It has given me happiness. It has given me rare work ethic. It has transformed my life.

Let yourself experience the beauty of it, too. The pain never is larger than the reward of it, and that I can promise. 

Lately, I've been looking for ways I can work-out at home because my life has been like a race car on a one way track and it's more of a challenge for me to actually get to the pool or go the gym (although I still make time for it because it's THAT important to me). My friends told me about Blogilates, a YouTube channel ran by Cassey Ho. She also has a blog and her own DVD's. I guess you could say this girl is on fire.

Cassey regularly uploads fitness videos that range from toning to improving cardio and everything in between! It's possibly the easiest way to work out, and it's a fun way to do so. She's enthusiastic and upbeat, so it's almost like having a friend by your side (a really, really fit friend) encouraging you immensely. I personally find her videos so diverse and fun, and most importantly, CHALLENGING! Most of them aren't a walk in the park, and thank goodness, because exercise shouldn't be. Her workouts range from 5 - 25 minutes, and are surprisingly unique compared to what you're probably used to doing. 

Currently, I'm a little obsessed with her squat challenge. I thought I was a squat EXPERT until I watched her. Try it out, and don't be discouraged if you find yourself sprawled out on the floor by the time it hits two minutes. Just like everything else in life, being in great physical shape takes time, but it's time that's worth spending. 

Let's share some of our favorite ways to stay fit and workout! What do you struggle with? What has exercise or a certain sport done for your life? I want to know!


  1. loved the "Call me maybe" challenge :)

  2. very motivating post! love the squats video too :)

    Anna xx

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