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Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Until I was 14, I never dared to touch workout equipment or a ball. I never found myself sweating for the purpose of exercise. You see, P.E was my least favorite class. I mean, I can't throw anything farther than ten yards and have zero coordination. Running? Ick. I was miserable each time I did it. Although I was skinny and almost too energetic, working out just wasn't my cup of tea.

That all changed when I was shoved into the world of swimming. Yes, shoved. The story is a long one, but it basically goes something like this: My mom had a friend who was the swim coach at my high school. Because my brother was a polo player in high school, my parents were absolutely convinced that I should swim. Anyways, somehow this coach met me and told me I wouldn't regret joining. My mom didn't go a day without telling me to sign up. To just "give it a shot." Let me tell you though, It was the last thing I wanted to do. I knew very well that I had no athletic ability and was 99 percent positive that I would hate swimming.

I turns out I was 99 percent wrong. I didn't know how to swim, but that first day of swim practice changed my life in the most unpredictable way. How it did I will leave for another post, because that story deserves it's own post, if not it's own book. If you want to know more about the physical benefits of swimming (just a little personal swimming plug, if you don't mind), watch this:

What I'm trying to say is that physical activity can seem like the most undesirable, uncomfortable way to spend your time. Even the thought of spending 15 minutes doing push-ups, squats and sit up's can torture our minds.  It's not easy.

But just that alone makes exercising and fitness what it is. Taking your body to places you haven't been is not comfortable, but it is rewarding. I genuinely believe that those who do not make time to exercise are making time to be unhealthy. Most of all, I have grown to believe that without fitness in your life, you are not fully living.

Roll your eyes and take it how you'd like, but you can't understand the physical and mental benefits of exercise until you do it yourself. You want to lose weight? Exercise will do that for you. Feel like you're out of shape? Exercise will put you in shape. Want more out of life? Exercise will make you feel alive.

It's different for everyone, of course. Not all of us enjoy soccer balls or volleyball nets, or even paved roads  below our running shoes. Trust me, out of the hundreds of different options, there will be at least one physical activity you feel good doing. It's a matter of you breaking free from your regular routine and trying out the activities that make you feel unsure. 

I urge you to work-out. Make your body stronger, and you'll make your mind tougher. Society paints exercise to be so much about dropping weight and achieving a dream bikini body, that we shove aside the real power of exercise. The happiness you can find through pushing your body to its limits is surprising and honestly indescribable. Like I said before, I could write a novel about what the simple act of fitness in my life has done for me. Here is a summary:

It has given me happiness. It has given me rare work ethic. It has transformed my life.

Let yourself experience the beauty of it, too. The pain never is larger than the reward of it, and that I can promise. 

Lately, I've been looking for ways I can work-out at home because my life has been like a race car on a one way track and it's more of a challenge for me to actually get to the pool or go the gym (although I still make time for it because it's THAT important to me). My friends told me about Blogilates, a YouTube channel ran by Cassey Ho. She also has a blog and her own DVD's. I guess you could say this girl is on fire.

Cassey regularly uploads fitness videos that range from toning to improving cardio and everything in between! It's possibly the easiest way to work out, and it's a fun way to do so. She's enthusiastic and upbeat, so it's almost like having a friend by your side (a really, really fit friend) encouraging you immensely. I personally find her videos so diverse and fun, and most importantly, CHALLENGING! Most of them aren't a walk in the park, and thank goodness, because exercise shouldn't be. Her workouts range from 5 - 25 minutes, and are surprisingly unique compared to what you're probably used to doing. 

Currently, I'm a little obsessed with her squat challenge. I thought I was a squat EXPERT until I watched her. Try it out, and don't be discouraged if you find yourself sprawled out on the floor by the time it hits two minutes. Just like everything else in life, being in great physical shape takes time, but it's time that's worth spending. 

Let's share some of our favorite ways to stay fit and workout! What do you struggle with? What has exercise or a certain sport done for your life? I want to know!

Monday, September 9, 2013


Whoever said faeries don't exist clearly hasn't taken a glance at Zac Posen's Spring 2014 Collection. His beautiful chiffon and silk pieces gave those earthy, pale models invisible wings. Romantic colors from lavender to love inducing red cover his delicate designs, with light floral mixture added in to create one mesmerizing spell.

Notice the sculptured curves. The way the fabric is gathered to create slight ruffling. The lightweight drift of the flesh pink dress.
This garden-esq, fairy tale collection was an idea of Zac Posen's after admiring soft, faded posters of Sarah Bernhardt, otherwise known as "the most famous actress the world has ever known."

The hair? Effortless up-do's s with soft pink flowers. No doubt that grace and femininity are neatly stitched right through these designs and glowing models (faeries, I mean). 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


As Fall is fast approaching, I've been reflecting over the Fall/Winter 2013 collections to get an idea of what treasures I want to fill my closet with (much most affordable versions, of course). From curvy builds to glossy shine, I've spotted brilliant new trends, some of which may be my all time personal favorites. 

From left to right: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Christian Siriano RTW, Proenza Schouler, Felder Felder, Valentino, Alberta Ferretti

Saturday, August 31, 2013


We all know what September is for. Fashion Week.

A week ago, I was given the amazing opportunity to volunteer backstage at Portland Fashion Week. Uh, are you kidding? Models, chaos, makeup, and racks of clothing? I'll be there! Backstage action thrills me, despite feeling like you're going to drop because you've been leaping and lunging throughout the night like a mad man.

Last week was our first model fitting with the designers. In preparation, I had to go out and find a classic, comfy pair of flats (black, of course) that could keep me lifted throughout the long day. To my surprise, I found a pair of loafer flats at Forever 21 that I couldn't resist. As soon as I walked into the building and introduced myself to the fashion week crew, I saw a finger pointed at my shoes and heard "are those Sam Edelman?" 

When I told them they were Forever 21, mouth's fell low and "OMG's" spilled out. Is that a sign that you totally stole? I think so. These flats have the loafer style cap toe and just the right amount of gold to keep with the professional look I wanted. Maybe I should make my way down to Forever 21 more frequently, because for $24.80, these shoes are a complete steal. 

And this girl is a proud thief. 

Get yourself a pair: Classic Cap Toe Loafers

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


My mother inspired my love for oceans. For as long as I can remember, her paradise has always been the soft sand and calm blue waves. When stress strikes hard, she'll tell me about wanting to sit out at the beach all day. As soon as the sun finds its hiding spot, she'll want to walk along the shoreline under the moon.

Lately, I've been falling in love with the ocean too. But for me, it's all about the intensity of the waves. Even the calmness of them. Riding them gracefully and letting their force lift you up to fly is possibly the most peaceful feeling I can experience. When I'm in the ocean, I feel exhilarated. The depth excites me and the bitter coldness purifies me. I think it may have something to do with being a swimmer. Or Maybe I'm half mermaid? 

Anyways, my friends and I went on a nice little beach trip this past week. It was a beach we'd never visited, and oh my goodness, it was pure beauty. I didn't think such amazing beaches were to be found in Oregon. And this one actually had waves (!!!). Take a look at our adventures:
Departure time: 9:00 AM. Made a much needed Jamba stop and hit the road for an hour and a half. Playlist included: The Lumineers, Kanye West, Lana Del Ray, Katy Perry, Lorde, ect, Danced carelessly. Sung shamelessly. 
Arrived at the beach. Captured by the view, and excited by the 70 degree weather (trust me, it was sunny, these pictures are just edited).  Ukulele and beach towels in hand.  
Making our way up to the sand dune. I failed to take a photo of it, but it was one steep hill. Little did we know.
Sand dune climb: check. How did we make it up that thing? Who knows. It was insanely hot, steep, tall and never-ending. Many breaks had to happen along the way. Thankfully, the view at the top was surreal.
After wandering around the top of the sand dune, we headed down to main ocean. Here I am, graceful as always, taking in the memorable summer day. The jumping means I'm excited. Can you tell?
Frolicking through the waves. Brrr! 
Group photo time! I can't explain my love for these people. Maybe one day I will make a post on our friendship, because it's something very special. We know each other like the back of our hands. Any day with them is the best day ever in my book.
No doubt that we were hungry after the climbing and frolicking. Thanks to our friend (who we call our mother), we had five delicious varieties of sandwiches ready to be devoured.  
The classic friends pyramid photo. Two seconds after this was taken, one abruptly dropped their legs and had us top two falling to the sand. 
The best of friends.
I'm crazy about this ocean now. 
This trip was one I will keep in my memory bank forever. I am so blessed to have friends who make me feel alive.


Sometimes I come across typography and words that
hit me with inspiration. I want to share these lessons with
you because it's never too late to better yourself.
1.Care more: Let your heart feel for others. Be understanding of differences and similarities. The millions of struggles our friends (even those you don't know, we are brothers and sisters after all) experience daily. Be compassionate and caring through listening. A heart that connects with others is worth more than the priciest gold this world can offer. 

2.Do what you say you're going to do: Commit to your word. Don't flake out on people and don't flake out on yourself. Build a human being that strives to endure its promises and goals. When you do what you say, you are creating trust within yourself and within others.

3.Stand in other people's shoes: You don't have to judge so quickly. Be open to the concept of differences. Just because we don't understand someone doesn't mean they don't relate to us in some way. In fact, I bet they relate to you in multitude of ways. Imagine what they feel. The type of days they are living through. There is a bitter world behind snooty, careless personalities that will haunt your heart forever. Your life may be a heaven through a neighbor's eyes. Remember that. 

4.Solve problems: Brushing problems off of your shoulder will have them landing even harder next time. Solve your problems. Whether it's within a relationship or work environment, be the one that takes charge and turns the bad into good.

5.Fix what's broken: Where would we be without technicians? Put matters into your own hands and dare to fix what it is broken. The unfixed will only damage us more someday. 

6.Change how people feel: Having confidence in what you know to be true is a gift that needs to be shared. Spread your knowledge to others and change how they feel. Inspire them. Make them believe in the positive rather than the negative. Show them a new way, a bright new perspective. What we know we must share with the world.

7.Create what you want to see in the world: Grasp the understanding that you are just as powerful as anyone else. You are capable of creating change just as many other historical figures have done. If you want more love to surface upon the earth, spread more love yourself. If you want to change the mundane education system, start alone locally and soon enough thousands of people will follow your lead. Be the one to change the world, and the world will change with you.

8.Don't wait for an invitation: Every amazing experience that can make it's way through your life will only happen if you take initiative. Do not wait for these experiences to spontaneously happen. Make them happen yourself. Knock on doors until someone opens, because I promise you, someone will let you in. Do what you want, when you want, and make your role a defining one. You will be in awe of what you can accomplish when you don't wait for an invitation. Want to know a secret? you'll never get an invitation if you don't make yourself known.

9.Think beyond what's possible: Why should you narrow your mind? The world is ours to mold and create. Stop imagining limits. They are not there. The greatest achievements and inventions we have today have all appeared impossible at some point. Your mind is endless, and so is your capability. The world caters to those who dream larger than what seems possible. 

10.Get over your fear: Fear is the greatest tool in the toolbox. It allows us to conquer our dreams and pursue what we desire to do. Fear can also be the most dangerous tool, leaving us too afraid to live the life we think about at night. Fear creates frightening scenarios. Fear makes us forget the possibility of greatness. Do not let fear wrap itself around your dreams until they suffocate. The most inspiring, life-changing individuals have never let fear get ahead. They fought a war with it until they won.

11.Act. Talking the talk is great, but walking the walk is even greater. Follow up on your wishes, dreams and promises. Thoughts are the seeds that plant beauty on earth. Act upon your words if you want to plant beauty in your own life as well as the lives of others. You can be the very person you crave to be, it only requires you to act and believe. 

Rinse and repeat. 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


     Now that It's almost September, many of us have said goodbye to summer and hello to school. I don't know about you, but back-to-school time is my favorite time to hit the stores and catch a glimpse of the new trends. I've picked out six affordable wardrobe items for those who want to look their best during classes but stay completely comfortable as well. These items can make for a hundred different outfits for a hundred different girls. Junior high or college, I think these picks will do justice for any girl.

1.Classic Skater dress - $13.80
2.Cream beige longline cardigan - $68.00
3.Quilted skirt - $49.95
4.'Frieda' Suede Oxford
5.The Rockstar Zip-Pocket Pants - $34.94
6.Chain Torque Necklace - $18.65

I find it out of this world that the Forever 21 classic skater dress is only $13.80! Holla! It's flattering on your body without being to "I'm headed to the club" and is simple enough for you to dress up or down. I'm already picturing the many combinations of outfits that can be made with it. What's your favorite item out of my back to school picks? Let me know in the comments!