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Friday, August 23, 2013

It's time to be a blogger.

It's a gloomy Friday afternoon here in Portland. Mid August, yet the sun plays a cruel game with us Oregonians, making a three minute appearance only to hide under the well known city clouds once again. Three weeks ago, I spent days and nights on Photoshop creating the perfect Blogger theme. I wanted subtle color, and a sleek but feminine design. Now I'm looking over my color choice and thinking "BLEH"! Knowing my constant desire for change, I'll probably spend another week getting creative on Photoshop for the purpose of changing the appearance of this blog.

I designed a theme. I added an about me section. I followed bloggers I am inspired by. Three weeks had gone by, and I still hadn't written a single post. What?! I know, what's the point of working hard on a theme if you aren't going to blog? I've been asking myself the same question. See, it's just that I'm unsure of how this will turn out. The vision is there for me, but the plan isn't. Maybe this is just like writing an essay. You never know how to start, but once those fingers hit the keyboard everything suddenly comes out just the way you'd like it to be. All it takes is the courage to begin. I hope this blog will be parallel with that example.

I'm going to be writing about what I love. Particular ideas haven't reached my mind bank, but I do know that I'm passionate about fashion and the world that spins around it. I figure that if I post about those wonderful, beautiful things, I will be genuinely happy with this blog and its direction.

If you're a reader of this first post, I hope you can hop on the boat with me as we sail away to some mysterious island together. Maybe there we can find inspiration for our hearts and our closets. That to me seems like the ultimate dream vacation! I promise (more of  promise to myself rather than to you) to stay genuine in my thoughts and ideas. I want to have a blog that screams out "I AM ANGELINA AND I LOVE LIFE. THIS IS MY MIND AND MY HEART UNCOVERED". Maybe I should add an audio post of me screaming that? Wouldn't that be a lovely welcome to my blog! The point is, this blog will represent myself, my dreams, and my passions in a way that will hopefully inspire you too. There's much more to fashion than a high neckline embellished shift dress (although it is pretty great), and that's what I want the 360 Woman blog to show.

Stay tuned for more posts! 


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